This picture is my favorite block in the first quilt I ever made. It's still one of my favorite star blocks.

When my oldest son was a baby, I decided that I wanted to make him a quilt. I had a little sewing experience, but not much! I bought a book for beginners and followed the instructions carefully. The pattern in this book was for a sampler quilt and had twelve different blocks made up of squares and triangles. There was a template in the book for the appropriate size for each shape. I cut out these templates and traced them onto cardboard. Then I used the cardboard templates to trace each shape onto the fabrics and cut out each piece with scissors. I did not have a sewing machine at that time, so I sewed each piece by hand. I worked on it for years! Truth be told, I never actually finished it. So, that baby never got a quilt and it did not matter that the pattern and the fabric were not meant for babies anyway.

I learned a lot about quilting from that first attempt, mostly what NOT to do, but I did love the process. I loved selecting fabrics and patterns. I loved seeing how the pieces fit together like a puzzle and how the colors and patterns worked together. I loved it even more when I got a sewing machine! I tried one more instruction book and made a log cabin quilt for my sister. We shopped for the fabric together and I worked for months on this quilt that was supposed to be a "weekend" project. It was not perfect, but I finished it! I believe she still has it.

After taking a break from quilting for a while, I stumbled across a TV show about quilting and decided to try one more time. The amazingly talented and entertaining Eleanor Burns breathed life into my passion for quilting. Her "Quilt in a Day" program taught me faster and easier ways to quilt than the cardboard templates and scissors and I fell in love with her bubbly personality! I watched her every chance I had. This was before DVRs and YouTube so I did not have access to unlimited videos like we do now, but I recorded that show every week on my VHS tapes! She's exactly the same in person, but I will tell you that story later!

Now I have been quilting for over 30 years and have made hundreds of quilts and I still love it….and I still have that first quilt with every stitch sewn by hand. Maybe one day I will finish binding it.