My two sidekicks


Lola and Ringo

Lola Claire is a 7-year-old pit bull, named Lola for the Barry Manilow song of course, because she is my showgirl, and Claire for the main female character in the Outlander series. She is the calmest, most laid-back girl in the world…unless she smells one of her favorite foods or sees a cat. She still bounces like a puppy when she knows I'm putting a little something extra in her food bowl. Her favorites are peanut butter, coconut oil, and any kind of chicken. She loves everybody and never meets a stranger.

Ringo is a 5-year-old Doberman/Great Dane mix, named Ringo because he has a perfect star on his chest. I am his person and he loves me completely. The day I brought him home as a tiny baby I could hold in one hand, he took over the house, and Lola the big, bad pit bull let him. Even then he acted like the giant he knew he would become. He barks at everything and nothing at every door and window in the house. If he sees someone actually approaching the house, he will run to me and stand between me and the perceived threat. He also has to lie between me and the edge of the bed for my protection, no matter how little space is there.

These two angels are with me no matter what. They are my constant companions and best friends. They can be as destructive as a gang of toddlers and shred my nerves. They keep me outside way too long when it's cold and refuse to go out when it rains. They have been with me through many moves and they don't care where we live as long as they are with me. I do not know what I would do without them.