My New/Old Home


So...I've moved...again.

I've done way too much of that times in seven years to be exact. I hope and pray that stops here. New/old home has multiple meanings, new because I just moved here, old because it's an old house and because I have lived here before. I found this very special house online in 2013 and from the moment I saw a picture of it I KNEW I would live here. I had never heard of this little town and knew nothing of the area, but I knew that this was my house. Two months later, I did move here. I lived here for nearly two years before moving back to Florida. I had my reasons for leaving, but I regretted it immediately after it was too late to change my mind. I kept in touch with the owner through several more moves and life changes, and about four years and five months after I left, I was finally able to come home. When I first heard that it was available again, I made a trip up here to see how it might have changed in all that time and to see how my feelings about it might have changed. The closer I got, the harder I cried and prayed things would work out so I could come home. I already miss the beach and my son who lives there, but it's only a 3-hour drive and this is where I need to be.

I will share more pictures soon, after we've had time to settle in. I do have my studio set up of course and I have already been working on new things I can't wait to share!